The Best Soda Maker

The Best Soda Maker

New York Times - Wirecutter By Mace Dent Johnson

Updated February 23, 2023

For the avid bubble lover, nothing hits the spot like a crisp glass of seltzer. An at-home soda maker provides a potentially more economical and environmentally friendly alternative to store-bought seltzer. It also allows you to get creative with carbonated beverages and ensures that you are always just a button push away from getting bubbly. Of the 26 soda makers we’ve tested over the years, the Drinkmate OmniFizz stands out for its stellar seltzer, simple carbonation process, and ability to carbonate more than just water.

In our tests, the Drinkmate OmniFizz excelled at consistently carbonating water, juice, and wine, something that no other soda maker we tested came close to doing. The seltzer from the OmniFizz—with big, raucous, satisfying bubbles that lasted both in the bottle and in a cup—ranked among our favorites. Offering a simple user experience, customizable carbonation levels, and tasty results with a variety of liquids, the OmniFizz is the best soda maker we’ve found. This model works with any screw-in carbon dioxide cylinder, not just those from Drinkmate, so you can easily find and exchange cylinders both in person and online.

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