The best soda makers in 2023

The best soda makers in 2023

CNN Underscored - By Jonathan Bender, 

The DrinkMate OmniFizz produced drinks with gentle, rolling bubbles. It was a bit like drinking white noise. You depress the button on top multiple times in short bursts to carbonate water (there’s a max amount of carbonation that is still relatively mild) before releasing the built-up pressure via the attached infuser.

If you want to add fizz to lots of different drinks, this soda maker is worth a look. It works with any drink that doesn’t include pulp. And more importantly, trying to infuse whiskey or wine doesn’t violate the two-year warranty.

The machine is made of nondescript plastic available in four different colors (black, blue, white and red): a streamlined, stripped-down design that’s like the interior of a Tesla (the metal carbonation button being the only decorative element). The DrinkMate is similar in design to the Soda Sensei. You pop the back cover off and then screw in a threaded carbonation tank (which is not included). The 60-liter tank slots in through a hole in the bottom of the machine that helps center the bottle and make it easier to twist. It also works with smaller 10-liter tanks you have to purchase separately.

It was among the quietest models we tested. The DrinkMate OmniFizz comes with a 28-ounce bottle and 14-ounce bottle (nice if you’re looking to make a single serving of sparkling water) that are not dishwasher-safe.

The versatile soda maker will carbonate any chilled liquid. It produced lively sparkling juice similar to bottles in the grocery store, but sparkling wine tasted a bit flat. The infuser does need to be hand-washed after every use.

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