instaFizz Stainless Steel Carbonation Bottle

instaFizz Stainless Steel Carbonation Bottle

SPARKLE ON THE GO! - Carbonate ANY cold beverage, anywhere, with Drinkmate instaFizz, the first water bottle on the market that can carbonate drinks.

Simply add any cold drink into the bottle, insert the Co2 cartridge into the bottom, then twist the bottom ring to fizz! Swirl or shake the bottle to better mix the gas with the drink, wait a minute for better absorption, then slowly twist open the top cap and enjoy sparkling deliciousness.


Made of stainless steel, the patented instaFizz is your perfect companion on the road, at the gym, on a hike, in the office, in the classroom; or anywhere you hydrate! It is durable and safe. Easy to add ice for a colder drink, easy to carry with its carry-ring, and easy to clean. Weighs less than 400g, and can carbonate up to 450Mls of water. Each 8g cartridge carbonates one bottle in the Drinkmate instaFizz.

Please order more Drinkmate 8g CO2 cartridges on our CO2 Supplies page. Don't throw your empty cartridges into a landfill! These cartridges are 100% recyclable! Ask for more information.

CO2 Warning: (i) this product is a gas that is under pressure. To use safely, please read the manual of your carbonation-maker. (ii) Other brands of 8g CO2 cartridges may not be useable on Drinkmate instaFizz and may void your instaFizz warranty!

***Note- the Drinkmate instaFizz is not compatible with the Drinkmate OmniFizz!***

***Australia Only - Please note we cannot export CO2 Cartridges to other countries.  If you are from New Zealand and would like to order an instaFizz without the CO2 Cartridges, please send us an email.