Fizzy Drink Shortage in Australia

Fizzy Drink Shortage in Australia

You may have noticed certain supermarket aisles looking a little bare as fizzy drinks fly off the shelves.

It comes down to a shortage of carbon dioxide, which gives our favourite carbonated drinks their bubbles.

Why not replace store bought carbonated drinks – with a Drinkmate!

Drinkmate gives you big savings over store-bought carbonated drinks. And it's eco-friendly by cutting down on glass and plastic bottle usage. Not to mention the benefit of not lugging all those heavy bottles around. But most of all, you can get creative and have fun while making drinks with exactly the amount of fizz you like.

Here are the top five benefits and features of our OmniFizz Machine -

1. Drinkmate is the ONLY carbonation beverage maker that allows you to carbonate ANY BEVERAGE quickly and efficiently. Available in 4 decorative finishes to match your décor.
2. Uses Australian threaded 60L CO2 carbonator cylinders from Soda King or SodaStream (not included – they can be purchased from major retailers) No electricity or batteries required.
3. You can build a healthier lifestyle by reducing sugary sodas and avoiding preservatives and chemicals, while you still get the taste and excitement of sparkling drinks.
4. The key is our patented Fizz Infuser technology. The Fizz Infuser provides a two-stage pressure release control that safely and easily allows you to carbonate virtually any drink. Other machines state they can only carbonate water, because they cannot safely depressurise beverages with sugar, flavours or alcohol in them.
5. Elegantly styled in a small footprint that saves counter space: measures 28 L x 13 W x 43 H cm

All our machines can be purchased via Major online retailers, Harvey Norman, Bunnings, Amazon, MY Deal and directly from our website -

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