You can now turn anything into fizzy water

You can now turn anything into fizzy water

body+soul  By Holly Berckelman

Sweet, effervescent goodness

 Drinkmate’s OmniFizz can turn any liquid into effervescent goodness – so you best believe we're adding to cart.

For the adults in the room, there’s nothing more delightful than the carbonated zing of sparkling water

Refreshing, sophisticated and oh-so-satisfying, the effervescence is perfect at any time of day, and at any time of the year. 

But you don’t always want to fork out $5 for a bottle of spark at the supermarket, especially in summer when the level of fizzy water consumption soars 

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Those with a SodaStream will be smirking right now, after all, they’ve been on the do-it-yourself sparkling water train for years. 

However, there are certain limitations that come with the at-home device – and one in particular that another at-home carbonator is tackling head-on. 

Drinkmate is Australia’s leading at-home beverage carbonator – and beverage is the operative word. 

With their OmniFizz device, not only can the owner turn their water fizzy, they can turn any drink into a sparkling variety too. 

The OmniFizz is the sparkling water solution you never knew you needed. Image: Getty

The OmniFizz is the sparkling water solution you never knew you needed. Image: Getty

With just the press of a button, you can add water, juice, iced tea, or even wine to the OmniFizz and be rewarded with beautiful bubbling goodness. Finally, science is tackling problems for which consumers are desperately awaiting solutions. 

Since the device is all liquid-friendly, you can freely add multiple ingredients into the canister, meaning you can easily infuse fruit into your water and evenly mix up ingredients, lending itself perfectly to crafting next-level at-home cocktails, which is obviously our top priority. 

Not to mention you can control exactly what’s going into the concoction, you can drink with peace of mind, knowing your beverage is free from preservatives, added sugar or other strange fizzy-inducing ingredients. 

Clocking in at $109.99 for the device, the OmniFizz is also a winner when it comes to cost-of-living concerns – making it a worthy long-term solution to save you spending $50 a week on San Pellegrino. 

How about a cheers to that?


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